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What is O*NET-SOC AutoCoder?

O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is an enhanced variant of the O*NET Auto-Coder Beta developed by R.M. Wilson Consulting, Inc. for the US Department of Labor.

O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is the first affordable, commercially available system developed specifically to assign SOC-O*NET occupational codes to jobs, resumes and UI claims at an accuracy level that exceeds the level achieved by human coders. As an added benefit, O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is more consistent in assigning occupational codes.

O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is flexible, providing a web interface for real-time staff use and web services that allow integration of the coding service into existing applications.

O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is powerful, employing a new theory developed by R.M. Wilson Consulting, Inc., called Themetics, that works well with job titles, and even better with job titles plus job descriptions. In fact, in contrast to traditional keyword searches, the more information provided about a job, the better the match.

For more information about O*NET-SOC AutoCoder, check out the O*NET-SOC AutoCoder blog, or contact:

Bob Wilson
R.M. Wilson Consulting, Inc.
P.O. Box 2103
Sisters, OR 97759

email: bob@rmwilsonconsulting.com
cell: 703-282-3571
fax: 866-850-4893 (toll free)

O*NET is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. O*NET-SOC AutoCoder is a trademark of R.M. Wilson Consulting, Inc.

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